Living the Dream

Hi Creative Friends,

"Those who betray their dream will later deal with the consequences." -Daniel Levinson

I know that compromise is a part of life, but I hope that when my life is near the end, I am not a bitter and sad old woman because I didn't do the things that make my heart soar and make me feel alive.

I know people who still have opportunities to follow their bliss and they don't do it. It is tragic to watch. I think part of the problem is that people wanting to follow their dreams think they have to have the perfect conditions to do what they love, so they wait. They assume that they need clumps of uninterrupted time, unlimited supplies, or no distractions.

And as they wait, hold off, procrastinate, the nudge from the universe passes them by. Not that the universe wouldn't ever nudge them again, it will. It is just that that creativity knocks at doors that are open, not slammed shut.

Ask any mom of a two year old how she gets anything done and she will say she accomplishes tasks in little bits. So why not treat your creative dreams like the precious children they are. Be the mom of a two year old and do what you can when you can. Follow your little dream around and nurture it and allow it to grow.

Don't wait. The best time to start is now. Don't wake up one day and wish you had lived your life differently. There will be consequences.