Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge

Day 1: I am grateful for the rain and that we traveled safely home in spite of it.
Day 2: I am grateful for my friends near and far who love me just as I am.
Day 3: I am grateful that I get to work at home doing what I love surrounded by people I love.

Day 4: Gratitude challenge Day 4: I am grateful for my glasses. A few months ago I graduated from the maximum reading glasses to "real" glasses. I went to Houston so that I could get a get a good buy at a place there. They made me a pair of glasses and sunglasses with bifocals. It was a spiritual experience to see in a new way.

Before I left town, I stopped back by there to get the frames adjusted to fit a little better. By the time I got home I wished I had left well enough alone. They never fit again as well and after I got through screwing around with trying to adjust them myself, I couldn't wear them at all. Back to my reading glasses except when I could use my sunglasses.

We went to Houston this past weekend and I took my glasses back. The kind lady there adjusted and adjusted them to no avail, then looked up my prescription and found that when I had them adjusted the second time, the technician switched the right and left lens in the frames accidentally! No wonder I couldn't see!!! I am also grateful to her that she told me the truth. I am so glad to see without squinting or guessing.

See you tomorrow!

Cheering you artfully on,