Folders to Help The Organizing Go Easier

Hi Creative Friends,
I started making these file folders last year and I never really finished them like I wanted to, but I thought I would show them anyway. I have hoarded them and only use them for "special" paperwork like some of my poetry.
Since it is that time of year for purging files, I thought making some of these might make the paper work more bearable. You can buy these kinds of decorated folders now, but I like these that I threw together. I hope you do too.

Here are some examples of the ones I made using some photocopies of old botanicals and pages out of an old book I bought at a garage sale. You can use any prints that might make you happy on a day you have to do office work. They might make paying bills or filing your taxes more palatable. (Well, maybe if you used old dollars bills glued to them!) You will need:

  • photocopies of prints. I used copies of old botanicals.
  • pages torn or cut from an old book
  • file folders
  • Design Master (For Flowers Only brand - Raffia color) translucent spray paint for aging the printed pages from the book. Or use your favorite method for aging. This is fast so I've adopted it.
  • spray adhesive
  • scissors and an exact-o knife
  • self-healing cutting mat
  • water color pencils and paint brush with water
  • Directions
  1. Cut or tear pages from an old book.
  2. Use translucent spray paint (Design Master Raffia) to age pages or use your favorite technique.
  3. Tear pages into smaller pieces and turn over with unpainted side up. Spray with spray adhesive

4. Glue torn pages to the folder any which way.
5. Cut out print with exact o knife and scissors. Age down print if you like, but I like the contrast of bright print on the aged pages.
6. Glue to folder. Add writing, sayings, ribbon: embellish to your heart's content.7. Use water color pencils to outline botanical to give it a shadow, then use damp paint brush to feather out shadow. This gives depth to print and almost makes it stand out from the page.
8. Now find something special to put into them and ~Enjoy~
Have a creative day!
Hugs, Diana