Halloween is Creeping Nearer

Halloween is creeping up on me this year.  My broomstick needs a tune-up; my crop of pumpkins and candy corn has wilted in the heat (It was 98 degrees here today!) and I haven't stirred up a batch of witches brew since last year. 

What is wrong with me?

Last year, I made these cute little Halloween books, we decorated the front porch with a spider web and big plastic spiders.

We saved milk jugs for weeks and weeks so I could paint ghost faces on them.  We cut holes in the back to enable us to insert a battery operated tea light so the ghost was lit up from inside.  They were cute.  My poor husband would go turn them all on at dark and then have to go out and turn them all off before bed time.  He is my hero.

Anyway, none of that has happened yet around here and I think it is all to blame on the weather.  Nobody wants to do anything outside when there is a heat-wave in mid-October. 

Here are some of the tags I made for my little spell books you are welcome to use however you like.

Don't make me get the flying monkeys.jpg

Well, My Pretties!  I hope you are feeling the spirit more than me.  We need Mother Nature to drag her cold front through this part of the country so we know it is time for Halloween.  And I need to get out of these flip flops and find my pointy shoes and hat.

Cheering You Artfully On,