Happy Mothers Night

It's late on Sunday night, Mother's Day.  I would have been here sooner, but my mom is visiting and well, you know how it is.

My mom's name is Dorothy.  She is known by DotDot, Dotlea or Dorothy, and I have been known to call her Dorthea. I don't know why.  My mom is one of those mom's that everybody thinks a mom should be.  She can do anything.  She knows everything and she knows everybody.  If you do anything you don't want her to know about, you better not do it in her town, cause she'll know you've done it before you start to feel guilty about it.

I don't know how my mom put the fear of doing something wrong in me.  She never hit me.  Well, there was that time she threw a wooden spoon at me she happened to be washing at the sink, but me and my sassy mouth deserved it and more.  I just never wanted to displease her.  I still don't.

I don't think my mom understands me, but I'm not so sure about that either.  I think she is proud of me to other people but she wants to keep my head from swelling so she doesn't brag on me to my face too much.  Yesterday she told me that I am smart and for the life of me I can't remember why she said it.  But I remember saying to her,  "Well, I am smart enough to be persistent."

Was I smart for thinking she might like the Art Car Parade we went to? Or was it because I can put new phone numbers in her cell phone?  Darn.  I wish I could remember.  I want to be smart in her eyes.  I want to do good.  I want to be the honorable, selfless, devoted, brilliant, self-reliant woman that she is and no matter how smart I am, I will never will be that daughter..

But hey, at least I am persistent.

I love you Dorthea.  You are the absolute Queen of my Heart and you are a treasure to me.  Thanks for all your hard work and thankless times you sacrificed for me even when I was a little brat. 

The following photos are of some flowers that we visited while she was here and then a few choice photos from the Art Car Parade in Houston.