Gratitude Challenge: Day 6

I am grateful for books; the libraries where you can borrow them for free; the book stores where you can pay to own them and for a place to read one in peace.

The first time I went into the downtown Houston library I had my version of a Gomer Pyle moment while gawking at the sheer number of available books.  Gawwwleee and Shazam.  The astonishing thing is that they trusted me enough to allow me to take out a stack of books I could barely tote.

I love to listen to audio books while I paint.  Listening to a story helps me ignore the critic inside my head and can help me to keep working longer.  If you don’t know about Overdrive and One-Click Digital, you should.  They are library services that allow you to check out books and audio books to be read on your Kindle or in the browser of your computer for only the cost of a library card.

Downsizing was hard when we moved from Houston to Lufkin and I grieved a long time the loss of things that I held dear.  Thankfully I got to keep the husband, the cats, and the books. 

Cheering you artfully on,