Are We Having Fun Yet?

 The term “Work of Art,” came floating through my head this past weekend as I was considering Labor Day, a holiday we just celebrated in the US.   I sometimes grow weary thinking about the work required to get a project birthed from beginning to completion.  This last week I have been enmeshed in a project that requires continued determination and stamina that frankly I have had to dig deep to find.

  • I sometimes take the “Work of Art” way too seriously.  See if any of these apply to you?
  • Art expressed just for the joy of it can be done only after more important work is completed.  Do you have a list of ten things you must complete first before you can have fun creating?  Does your internal critic admonish you for doodling around at your art table unless the dishes are done?
  • Is it ok to take the time, energy and effort to make art if you intend to make money but any other kind of activity is considered frivolous?
  • Are you running an art marathon without the training you needed to make the finish line? 
  • Do you make beautiful things that make your heart sing, only to give them away because you can’t justify making more for yourself?

Creative enterprise should be fun or at least interesting, arresting, invigorating, and energizing. 

The joy and excitement I felt when I first began my latest project has long gone and now it just feels like work.  What can we do when this happens?  I believe that the fire that sets our passion free needs stoking. 

My “Work of Art” is about to burn out and what it desperately needs is some energizing fuel. 

Finding your fuel:

I think the fuel that stokes the creative fires is different for each of us, but try these tips:

Take a break from the work and have some fun. 

Detach your mind from the work.  Going over and over the same tired tracks will get you the same results.  Get your mind out of the incessant loop and come back later.

Read a book, go to a movie, listen to music or go somewhere beautiful and serene or wicked and intriguing.

You know what fills you up and what stokes your fires.

By the way, if you have guilt for having fun, remember to use EFT to eliminate it right away.  The need to fuel up your creativity is not a selfish act!

I would vote yes for a new holiday called Play Day.