Mercury in Retrograde Strikes Again!

Yay, it's Friday!  I love Fridays don't you?  There is such a promise of the weekend as it stretches out in front of you. Tomorrow I am going to take an art class with a friend.  We'll have lunch after.  It's good to have plans.

Today I am with my friend Audrey at The Blue Planet Cafe.  We both have our computers side by side as we clack away.  She is sending out resumes and I am working on my new website.  Ooops!  I guess I let the cat out of the bag.  Yes, I am building a new website that will serve my clients better, I hope!  I have been working away getting it switched over and hopefully create a few surprises.  However, as ever there are always a few bumps in the road when I work with computers and this week has been no different.

Are you familiar with Mercury in Retrograde?  According to astrology, MiR is when the planet Mercury appears to stop or rotate in reverse (which it does not actually do).  This creates all kinds of havoc in the areas of communication, computers, electronics, and travel.  (Consider all the travel difficulties people in Europe are having because of this freaky volcano action.)  Astrologers say that it is not a good idea to sign contracts during this period.  I don't know if Mercury really influences my computer, but I have heard more stories this week of people who have been in computer hell.  A word to the wise:  If you have been putting  off backing up your computer, don't wait until the retrograde strikes!

I would love to thank my friend, Audrey for helping me reinstall a cranky program that got blown away on my husbands computer this week when he caught a bad case of spyware which resulted in an almost disaster.  The bill was $170 plus much nail biting and gnashing of teeth. 

Hang it there, computers.  We only have to worry till May11.