Gratitude Challenge: Day 14 and Day 15

Gratitude challenge Day 14: When I went to bed last night, I knew I had not posted my gratitude for the day. I think I was having a hard time sharing my gratitude when so many are suffering, and I'm not just referring to Paris, but suffering all over the world. How can I say publicly that I am grateful that I didn't lose my loved ones, my family isn't struggling in a refugee camp, or that we aren't going to miss a meal today, when that is what I was feeling.

When I compare my troubles to many others, I have none.  My aches and pains become petty.  My aggravations become irrelevant.  My goals in life seem too grand. 

I am sad that the world is cruel and that there are horrible people who do horrible things to others.  Maybe that is where I can find my gratitude.  I am not one of those horrible people who is filled with hate, lack of judgment or open mindedness, and intolerance.

I am grateful that I don’t wake up every day with a need to impose my beliefs on others and a need to hurt you, murder you or denigrate you if you don’t believe my way.  I am not that person.

That is my gratitude for Day 14 and for today Day 15.