Gratitude Challenge: Day 17

Gratitude Challenge Day 17:  I am grateful for my hands.  I use them to express myself through making things.  A while back I injured my left hand by slamming it in a door and immediately a big egg-shaped knot popped up on it.  It was very tender, painful and bruised for a long time.  Fortunately I could still type and paint and use it for crafty goodness, and it didn’t seem to interrupt the dish washing one bit.

However, the thing that jolted me more than anything else was when my husband and I were at the movies and we were going to hold hands; I couldn’t stand the pain and that made me sad that I couldn’t connect through simple gentle touch.

I don’t ever want to take my hands for granted.  I ask a lot of them.  Paint a straight line. Tie this knot.  Thread that needle.  Pet a kitty.  Tend to a loved one.

I would be devastated to lose the use of my hands.

Hugs, Diana