How To Get Ideas

I just finished a great book called: How to Get Ideas by Jack Foster. It has a bold title, I think, but he follows through with examples, advice and some good ideas on how to get them (ideas, I mean.)

Maybe because he is/was in advertising, he knows more about how to make a book palatable to his readers. I am going to mention another book, called The Care and Feeding of Ideas, a Guide to Encouraging Creativityby James L. Adams. I have tried to read Mr. Adams book but he is an engineer by training and big wig department chair at Stanford University. Bless his heart, I am sure the man is more creative in his little finger than I am all over, but I have opened his book five times and every single time, it makes me want to take a nap. There are math examples and exercises, along with charts and graphs and a diagram about memory and oh, I could go on.

In Mr. Foster's book, there are cute illustrations by Larry Corby that say so much more to me that all the graphs and pie charts in Mr. Adam's book ever could. It is unfair to compare the two books because I haven't read the latter, but will I read it when I can hardly bear to peruse it? Can I get over my eye rolling, heavy sighing indignation at what format I think a book about ideas should look like.

How to Get Ideas is the book for me and you too if you need to help generating ideas fast. I am going to try to get through the other one. Any ideas on how to do that?