Houston International Quilt Festival

Hello Everyone,

I am celebrating my new blog by going to the Houston International Quilt Festival! Tonight is the preview night. I am so excited I can't wait.

If you have never been, you are missing the biggest creative buzz ever.

Under one roof are creative dreams come true! But that is just the beginning. There are:

Fabulous quilts: yes!
Fabulous fashion: yes!
Fabulous art dolls: yes!
Fabulous things to buy: yes!
Fabulous workshops: yes!

But best of all are the fabulous women who attend from all over the world.

I love finding a spot to sit and rest and strike up a conversation with a fellow attendee. You never know what you can learn while rubbing your feet.

I hope to share with you all I can about this great event and post some photos at night when I come home exhausted.

Here are some photos from the first night:


Here are some photos from Day Two:


Here are some photos from Day Three: