Hello Creative Friends,


I am not Catholic, but right now I see myself entering the blogging confessional, mumbling under my breath, "Forgive me readers, for I have sinned."

You, should you play out this little fantasy of the mind with me, say, "Oh, yeah, What's your lame-assed excuse this time?"

I have a bevy of them;  A plethora; A mountain; oh hell,  I gotta million of 'em.

It's the heat. 

My feet swell if I sit at my desk too long.

I am burned out, not just from the heat.

I am apathetic.

I'd rather be somewhere else.

I'm not feeling vey creative.

On and on.

So I am humbly asking for your forgiveness as I don't write my newsletter or belly up to this computer to make this blog/website better.

I'll be back as soon.  I just have a little swinging to do.

Hugs, Diana