Happy February!

These roses were at a wedding shower for my daughter, Christy, so I thought they were very appropriate for a post celebrating February. I do love February. It is still cold and yucky outside and I have plenty excuses to not venture out into the world as much as I should.

Most of all it is the time of making Valentines and today I have on my list to go get a few supplies to add to the ones I already have. I say this every year, that I wish I would get my act together in time to have a Valentine Making Party. Invite a few friends over, drag out all my stuff and glue and glitter until our hearts content. Of course there would be punch or wine and cupcakes and chocolate.

We would all have a great big sugar rush and leave smelling like chocolate.

Ok, so why not do this online? Does someone know of a Valentines party I don't know about? If so tell me if I can horn in. If not, maybe I need to throw one! In the mean time, I am off to the craft store.