Some Bunny Loves You

If you celebrate, Happy Easter to You!

Are you ready to embrace your Inner Bunny? 

The bunny in the image above has learned the art of tooting one’s own horn and wants to be an example. 

If you art journal, I challenge you to find something about you or your art or your life that needs expressing in a positive way.  Don’t tell me about your kid, your pet or your bank account. 

Toot you own horn about an ability, a talent or a passion you have that the world should know about.  If not the world, at least acknowledge it in your journal.

Tooting your own horn will usually get a reaction from your Blockhead so be aware that you’ll get an argument from it but soldier on.Here is my entry for tooting my own horn.  I am a self-taught digital artist.  I do all my work on Pic Monkey and I figure out ways to make art without using Photoshop.  Not that I have anything against Photoshop,  I just have tried to use it and when I open it, I become so overwhelmed that I need to take a nap.

I hope you will take up the Toot Your Own Horn Challenge.

Cheering you artfully on!

Diana Meade