Oh Where have you gone Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

Hello Creative Friends,


I used to sing that song when I was kid on the school bus on the way to Ripley House in Houston.  I sang a lot as a child and I loved belting out songs.   I was even brave enough to sing in the choir and do some solos. These days, my memory can be iffy at best, but set something to music and I can remember the words to a thousand songs.  The very first thing I saved my money for was a transistor radio.  I was nine.  The really cool thing was that the radio came with an ear piece and I could take it to bed with me and listen to KNUZ and KILT Radio Stations late into the Houston night without my parents knowing about it.

Music was so important to me.  It was never very far away.  My parents had a record player and we had stacks of big band music to make us get up and move, but it was country music that could get us to sing along. 

Then I got older and I stopped taking the opportunity to sing.  You know the old cliche about using it or losing it?  Well that has happened to my singing ability.

My voice is no longer pleasant to my ears.  I stopped singing and now when I want to belt one out, it comes out scratchy and undiciplined. 

Probably, I could get back in voice with some training and I may do that.

The possibility exists that in all creative areas in my life can rust to dust if I do not give it proper attention.

I don't want to sing, "Oh where have you gone, Darling Creativity?"