If All Else Fails, Wing It

Hello Creative Friends,

If all else fails, wing it.   That's pretty good advice when it comes to art journaling.

My friend and I talk about how different we are when it comes to making art.  She makes a plan first and tries to anticipate problems and solve them before she begins.  I just wade in and hope for the best.  We both manage to survive.  I can't speak for the art work.

For me, if I begin anticipating problems I will get locked up and never begin.

The blank page/canvas is a common issue.  I just took a class from Pauline Agnew and before we ever got started with the lesson she had us smear the page with random paint.  Not a bad idea if this is an issue for you.

I think winging it comes into play more often than not when it comes to being creative.  After all, most ideas are ethereal anyway.  I can use my imagination to "see" the outcome, but producing the end result as my mind would have it is another challenge all together.  To me, following where my heart and soul is being nudged is what makes for art that comes from, "The Universe of Great Ideas," and not from my critical monkey mind.

I hope you will try winging it in your art today.

Cheering you artfully on,


P.S.  This Winging it artwork was made by me for the lovely and talented Amara King who loves all things owl.