Gratitude Challenge Update

Gratitude challenge Day 7:

There was nothing finer than spending this cool, rainy day in my comfort zone ; sweat pants, fuzzy socks and a nap. Grateful for down time.

Gratitude challenge Day 8: 

I am grateful that I don’t like professional sports any more and I don’t have to pretend that I do.  I only like the Super Bowl for the snacks.

Gratitude challenge Day 9:

 I am grateful to be the constant recipient of my mother's delicious cooking. Chances are if you have been around my mother she has fed you something good to eat. Yesterday it was strawberry pie. Tonight it was broccoli cheese soup. She enjoys trying out new recipes, but she seldom follows it exactly after the first time.

She also leaps buildings in a single bound. I love your cooking, Mom, but I love you even more.