Blogging with Cats

Hello Creative Friends,

Yes, it's blogging with cats day.  One is asleep with his head across one side of the keyboard.  Another one, the jealous Gabby, has inched her way along my desk, put her paws on my chest and slid across my outstretched arms, promptly closing her eyes so she can't see the disapproval on my face.

And because cats come in threes at my house, the old grandma of the bunch, Schuester is on the desk beside me energetically grooming while knocking papers and pens to the floor so she can hurry and catch up with the team effort to DRIVE ME CRAZY.  Sigh.

Maybe I should just give up and crawl into a ball and take a nap too.  Seems like a good thing to do on a cold overcast winter afternoon.

Sleepily cheering you on,