Happy MuseDay

Hello Creative Friends,

Mind is stretched 1.jpg
When your mind is stretched by a big idea, it will never return to it’s original shape.”
— Thomas Carlye

Happy Museday,

A lot has been written about the muse – that ethereal bearer of inspiration that floats mysteriously around whispering sweet somethings into ear of a likely candidate who is awake or sober enough to pay attention.

I have to say my relationship with my muse has become a little contentious of late.

Me:  Hallo?  Anybody there?   I’m back to blogging and it’s time to write a post.  I could use a little help here.

Muse: You’re kidding, right?  I gave all the good ideas to the bloggers who actually sit down at their computers.

Me:  Where do you think I am, Walmart?

Muse: Look, I’ve been dropping hints and you’ve been in La La Land.  Is that anywhere near Walmart?

Me: You have no idea.

Muse: Well you won’t have any ideas either if you keep talking to me like that.

See what I mean.

What do you do when you and your muse are on the outs?

left side on journal page.jpg

Close up of left side of journal page

Close up of right side