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Come on in and make yourself comfortable. We will be traveling first class Oriental rug, to a land far far away. I have vacuumed all the kitty hair off just for you!We have a long way to go and a short time to get there. (There is a song in there somewhere.) So we are going to resort to a little magic. Stare right into the photo below and feel the wind on your face as we float easily along.Our destination is just up ahead.I know you must be tired and need a little nourishment, so get the hair out of your eyes and pour yourself something strong. Relax.After shopping at the market and a spa day, it's time to return back to reality.As we unpack our bags, I have found these little paintings to remember all the exotic houses we flew over.On February 15,I will gladly award these to a weary traveler who leaves a comment. I have so enjoyed our trip together! I hope you visit often.
Hugs, Diana Meade
P.S. I am hosting a free workshop series for artists that you can read about on the following post.