Welcome Fall

We are having a magnificent fall day here in the land of Bald Hill.  We even had a little rain yesterday that preceded this spectacular weather and the poor plants and grass seem grateful.

Fall invigorates me after the long hot sultry season that seems to go on forever in Texas.  It makes me want to actually go outside and wallow around in the environment.  I remember my brother and I playing in what seemed like mountains of leaves, covering ourselves, willing ourselves to be still, waiting for Old Brownie, our dog, to walk by so we could jump out and surprise him for the hundredth time.  Where does the time go?

I did buy some apple cider the other day and since I have already slurped down my two cups of coffee, I want you to know I am enjoying a cup of hot apple cider right now.  And since it is morning when I write this, I will refrain from indulging in the toddy part of a hot toddy.  

When I was a little kid, my Uncle Roy would come home from Houston and he would stop by this little stand on the side of the road and buy cold apple cider to bring to the family.  They would take it out of their coolers and wrap it in newspaper to keep it cold for a while.  They also gave you those tiny little Dixie cups to drink it out of.  It was such a treat, both when he came home and when he brought the lovely cider to share.  He sadly passed away this year and I wonder again where does the time go?

Is it a sign of my age that I am remembering past times longingly or is it this weather that pulls me backward to times when simple joys seemed abundant.  So today, I am going to make some more memories that I can look back fondly on when I am ninety.  I hope it is a beautiful fall day where you are too.

Thank you for stopping by.

Hugs, Diana

P.S.  The apple image is one provided by the sweet lady Karen of Graphics Fairy.  I tweaked it a bit in PicMonkey and added the lovely quote by Jane Hirshfield.  So no, I did not paint it, but maybe apples will by my next subject.