It's Not Magic, It Just Feels That Way Sometimes

Emotional Freedom Technique isn't magic, but it can certainly feel that way. People all over the world are making decisions to do something differently this year, this month, this day. Who knows how many will actually succeed with their desires?

I want to give you a step by step method for using EFT to help you accomplish a simple goal. EFT is a kind of practical magic. It only works if you work it. It has worked practically every time I've used it. If you don't know what EFT is, you need to find out before this will make sense. You can find out here.

Decide on your goal:
I am going to use a goal about my creativity because I always want help in this area. For our purposes in this post, I'm keeping it simple.

How to decide:
Keep it specific and measurable. (And I say, pick something you might actually do instead of something you "should" do. That's kinda magical in itself.) Instead of, "I want to paint more this year," make it, "I want to complete three painting projects this month." Now we know exactly what we are shooting for and we will know at the end of January if we've succeeded or not. (If you say, I want more money this year and I give you a dollar, boom, you're done, just not very satisfying or probably what you had in mind.)

Make it concrete:
Write it in lipstick on your mirror. Use sticky notes on your computer. Tell your eight year old to bug you. Whatever it takes to be reminded that you now have some action to take.

Take notice:
You are about to encounter Blockhead (your internal critic). He's going to tell you exactly all the reasons you can't accomplish your goal and what statements you will need to tap on.

Use your imagination to see the end result:

In all it's glory, I am imagining how wonderful these three painting projects will be. I will have them done on time and the recipients will absolutely love them. Now my internal critic (and yours) will step to the plate and tell you all the reasons why you (incompetent YOU)will not be able to do as you have imagined. If your Blockhead doesn't have anything negative to say, go do your goal right away or pick a better goal!

Start writing when Blockhead starts talking:

Here's what mine has to say:
You've got too much other work to do to get them done.
People are ungrateful for all the effort it takes to do the project.

  • You hate it when you have to show it to someone else because it's too scary.

  • You don't have a clue what you are going to paint.

  • You never have any good ideas for paintings.

  • You just wing it and waste time and supplies.

  • Why do you bother?

  • Why don't you quit before you waste all that time and have to go buy a gift after all?

Thank you Blockhead for sharing: Now, I have about eight reasons why this goal is a lousy idea and why I could fail at if if I don't eliminate these negative feelings.

Ideally, I will just turn my Blockhead's sharing into EFT statements and tap away the limiting beliefs. That's where it feels like magic. I was feeling this way about painting three projects this month and now, I have eliminated some big stumbling blocks to getting them done. However, this issue of time needs more attention. I can't tap more hours into my day. So how can I handle this?

It is true that I don't have a lot of time. I do have time to watch Gray's Anatomy, I've noticed and there's my Facebook addiction. Ok. So I can choose to use my time differently, but I have feelings about missing Gray's Anatomy. So I tap on that.

Even though, I'd rather be watching Gray's Anatomy than working on painting projects and I'm angry that I can't do both, I choose to spend my time painting first...

Even though, I love Gray's Anatomy, and I'm sad I have to paint while it's on, I choose to enjoy painting...

Even though I resent the recipients of these painting projects for not knowing how I've sacrificed Gray's Anatomy for them, I choose to enjoy the time I spend being creative...

Ooops! That little petty feeling slipped out, didn't it? I love when that happens! I get to eliminate pettiness! Yay.

I think you get the idea.

When I have some clarity without all the noise from Blockhead, I know that I have three very good reasons to paint three projects this month. I want to paint something for my daughter's wedding shower. I owe a birthday gift to a friend who loves my work. I also want to paint a give away for the One World One Heart event. The bottom line is, I love to paint things to give to others. I love it when they are surprised and delighted. I paint. It's what I do.

With EFT, it doesn't have to be such drama. I'd rather get my dose of drama on Gray's Anatomy.