Commit to Create Challenge 11-16-09 Hour 1

Hi Creative Friends,

Welcome to the Monday Morning Commit to Create Challenge!

Oh how wonderful to be up for a challenge. If you aren't, it's time to learn how you can turn that around using EFT. Check out last week for ways to do just that.

Emotional Freedom Technique can change your attitude from a negative to positive and when you do that you can change the outcome of your creative project.

Maybe you already have a positive attitude. Maybe you are excited, confident, energized already and you think that you don’t need EFT to get going. That may be true, but I would like to make a suggestion to help you stay that way.

How about using these statements while you tap?

* I am excited about my project and I choose to stay that way for the duration to completion of the project.

* I am confident in my abilities to do this project and I choose to stay that way for the duration of this project.

* I am willing to be an instrument in the creation of my vision and I choose to stay that way until the completion of this project.

What is your attitude about what you hope to create today?

My challenge today is to do some writing I need for some classes I want to teach. I am pretty clear about what I want to accomplish today but I am going to use the above statements just to stay on track.

Let's get started and I'll be back at the end of the hour to report in.
Hugs, Diana