Index Card Mania

Hello Creative Friends,

On Friday I posted the first part of my 3 x 5 gelli printing saga.  I am sure you all have been refreshing your computer every few minutes just to see what’s up next.  I feel the same way.

I want to know what the heck to do with this yummy stack of 3 x 5’s. 

In the recent past I have used them to cut and paste on canvas to make mixed media pictures like this one.

They are wonderful to use in mixed media but they are also little pieces of stand alone art.

In the spirit of art journaling, I am going to try to do one for each day of the year.  

There is something called:  ICAD that stands for Index Card a Day that is a challenge held each year beginning in June 1st - July 31st, 2016 started by if you are interested in participating for 60 days in summer. 

I may be burned out by then and need a boost.  For me the point being that I can do a little bit of art every day that gets me out of myself and onto the page.

My hope is to use this avenue to lean and share more mixed media techniques as time goes by and as I lean them.  Also, a 3 x 5 card isn't such a waste if it turns ugly and you can't save it, you can still cut it up and put it in a collage.

Also I plan on writing on the back of them just a sentence of gratitude or a highlight of the day.  I should be able to get several years worth on these.  Eventually I can see these in some kind of book form so they will can be displayed and enjoyed.

Boy when I write this down it seems awfully ambitious. But why not?  If I miss a day of art on an index card, I will just catch up the following year. (I hope.)  The other thing I plan on doing is sharing more on social media.  I find this most challenging of all.  Sharing my work out in the world.

Join me if you’d like.  So what if it is the middle of February.  Start where you are is a great idea.  Do it until it until it isn’t fun anymore.  Art is suppose to be play not rigorous perfectionism.

Cheering you artfully on,