Gratitude Challenge: Day 18

Gratitude Challenge: Day 18   I am grateful for all the things I have not said.  I know that there are surely people somewhere whose mouth never gets them into trouble.  I unfortunately do not own one of those models.

I have had my share of instances when I wished I had refrained from sharing the first thought that popped into my head because once the words are out there, it’s so hard to take them back. But I have to tell you, there is a world of advice that I have not given, emails written and not sent, or lies I could have told but didn’t.  What I am most grateful for are the comments and responses I want badly to write on Facebook but don’t.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still stick my foot in my mouth on a regular basis and have to apologize often.  I know I am not alone in this because celebrities, politicians, and public figures do it all the time.

In the lifelong process of learning discernment, I have noticed a flaw and it is this:  You don’t get credit for what you don’t say.  There is no chorus of angels that sings openly because you kept your mouth shut.  No one ever notices.  Nobody pats you on the back.

Never do I hear my internal critic say:  “Atta Girl, Diana, I’d like to applaud your restraint.”  My critic beats me up because I didn’t let that rude person have it, but in this day and age there are people who will shoot you if you shoot off your mouth.

So if you are like me and work desperately hard to keep your unsolicited thoughts, opinions, and advice to yourself in spite of the temptation to share it with the people out there who need it the most, but will appreciate it the least, let me be the first to publicly give you credit, kudos, and applause for what you don’t say!