About Me

My name is Diana Meade.  I am an artist, a writer, a wife and a daughter. I bring up the obvious daughter part because I live with my mother. (More about that later.) I also live with Rod Tanner (Mr. Man), my funny and talented writer-husband, author of the novel, Surge, and a bunch of cats who boss me around even more than my mom.


The Importance of Creativity and My Story

I am a working artist and writer and my intention is to try to convey to you the importance of creativity in my life and why I think it should be important to you. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I believe that being a creator is one of the reasons we are here on earth, and when done in the spirit of being our true selves, creating art can be life changing and life affirming, and a heck of a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

We are all creators and we are all internally connected to that "something" that gently or fiercely nudges us to make, do, or be something that was not in existence before and could only be brought forth by "all that is us" at any given moment in time.