What's Happening Now

Greetings Friends,

Well it has been a while since I posted anything so in a burst of blogging guilt that just happens to coincide with some late night creativity, I thought I would tell you what's been on my agenda these days.

I have caught a case of the quilting bug. 

Planets have aligned, sewing machines have been unearthed and I have made a quilt.  Let the choir sing.  For years I have taken my vacation from work to happily attend one of the most exciting quilt festivals in the country, the one in Houston.  But I had other projects to work on so I never made quilting a priority.  Now I guess I have.

No pictures today except to share this pic I made from quilting scraps.  I took a photo, did a little Photoshop and here it is to brighten your Monday.

Hope to see you again soon,  Diana

Hope to see you again soon,