More Alice and Wonderland

My first time to participate in a swap was a wonderful success for me. Maggi at Just Add Glitter and Stir cooked up this little Alice and Wonderland party and I had the most amazing swap-mate, Amy at Adventures of A Disney Land Nut.Everything Amy did was fantastic. Even the wrapping paper was delightful! Look how much stuff!The little card soldier is so cute, plus don't you so want this button of the Red Queen?Amy read my blathering about how tea is good for you and she sent me my own little Alice inspired tea party. I even have coasters! And the tea is organic which is really the only kind to drink if you want to get the health benefits it provides!If that wasn't enough, check out Amy's artwork! Amy loves everything Disney and you can't beat Disney's other version of Alice in Wonderland. Isn't this the cutest collage?I love how the little glittery bushes stick out over the edges.Then after everything else, Amy sends this elegant rose hair beret handmade for me and my Red Queen's hair! I am so wearing this. In fact, my friend is going to see the movie today and I am going for an encore! If you haven't seen the movie, do yourself a huge treat and see it on the big screen in 3D.

Meanwhile, I'm late for my own tea party. Must dash! Hugs to Amy and Maggi! You ladies rock! To Amy: My most amazed and delighted thanks!