I'm Confused!

Hello Creative Friends,

Well here we are getting in the daily index card groove and I am paralyzed with arty indecision!!!  I spent some time last night trying to catch up on my daily index card.  (Naturally, I am already behind!) 

But you know what?  I am having a hard time adding to or changing these already delicious (-full of gelli goodness) cards.  They are beautiful to me and some of the things I have been doing to them makes them look less delicious and I can hardly stand to ruin any more of them.

Here are some that I absolutely cannot, dare not touch with my little pens and colors. 

What was I thinking?

Then, there are some wildly terrible ones that I refuse to show the world that I tried to add to,to make them into an art journal page of sorts and instead of them looking better, they look worse and ruined.  Ugh!  I am considering abandoning this whole idea all together.

Bummer and relief at the same time.

Now I am wanting to make a college out of them.  Insert scream here....

Your friend,

Dazed and Confused Diana