Reporting In at 11:00 for Commit to Create

Hi Creative Friends,

I have been rocking and rolling since 10:00 on our first ever Commit to Create Challenge. I love it that I made the commitment to do something and it got done! Yaay!

I have been on the Cute and Cool Blog this morning reading her tutorials while I was snagging this relaxing Renoir background. I learned how to leave a link in a comment. Awesome and it worked. You can learn too, here. You can try it out in her comment section to see if it works.

I love Itkupilli, a Finnish designer willing to share her creativity and knowledge with us. She is so generous to make these wonderful, quirky, elegant, intriguing designs that draw you in and make you wonder about the world they came from. She tells stories with her designs.

If you have some time, check out her Etsy shop for her digital products. She has some amazing collage sheets. I like the architectural ones; so dreamy. They make me want to get busy creating. She has lots of catagories to choose from but I warn you, it will be difficult to decide.

Now I am back to finishing updating my blog. I am thrilled that you could join me. Please sign up for next week's Committ to Create Challenge here.

Have a creative day!