ccreative risk

A Stubborn Woman

Hi Creative Friends,

I have to tell you about a recent creative risk I took and that it turned out nicely, thank-you very much! 

I consider myself a supreme introvert.  Some of you know my story that having the spotlight shine on me is not my idea of a good time.  However, I am trying to remain open where that is concerned.  Since I now have EFT to help me get over my case of the nerves, I can afford to say "yes" to more creative opportunities.

I belong to this fabulous group in Houston called Women in the Visual and Literary Arts (WiVLA) and through my association with this group of women, I was asked by one of the playrights in the group, Diana Weeks, to be a reader of one of her plays. 

WiVLA yearly awards one visual artist and one writer a $1000 dollar scholorship to support a creative project.  In 2010, Diana Weeks was the receipent of that award.  Winners must come back a year later and make a presentation to the WiVLA membership on how they spent the money.

Ms. Weeks went to a prestigious writing local in Vermont and penned a new play while she was there.  So as part of her presentation to the WiVLA group, she decided to have some scenes read from the play.

She called me and asked me to be one of the readers.  What's a recovering introvert supposed to do?  I said yes.  My co-star and talented friend, Trish Rumble and I practiced one Saturday afternoon and for about twenty minutes before the actual presentation.  Then, ta da, it was time to do it live in front of the audience.

I can't tell you how much fun it was. 

Ms. Weeks got to hear her words come to life and I got to have another experience under the spotlight that didn't cause me greif!  Yay.

The membership responded to the work and there was great fun to be had.

Here is a copy of the playbill that Diana Weeks created for the reading of A Stubborn Woman