Mastermind groups

Creativity and the Law of Averages

Surely you have heard about the average of five.  It goes something like this.  
If you take the average income of five of your friends it will reveal what your income will be.  They’ve been touting it for obesity as well.

So is the theory, you are who you hang out with?

In some cases, I hope not.  What about folks who work at jobs surrounded with people they wouldn’t ride with in an elevator in another situation?  

However, I can say that hanging out with other creative people who are actively pursuing a creative path has great power.  

Creating against all odds is too hard to do without knowing someone who has done it.  Surrounding yourself with others who are passionate about the creative process is a gift to you and your creativity.  Is the average of five at play when you think of your creative friends?

The reason that writing groups, art critique groups and creative mastermind groups work is that they lift up the creative output of the whole group. (Ideally they are done in a safe respectful environment.)

What about creative ideas that you surround yourself with?  Are you clear about which ones are worth pursuing and which ones need to be retired?  Most creative geniuses have more than one project percolating at a time so it is good to notice if one project is an energy drain and which one still thrills you.

Creativity Energizer Break:

Survey the landscape of your creative world.  

•    Are you living out the law of averages?

•    Do you get enough support from other creative geniuses like you?

•    Do you surround yourself with quality ideas and projects?

I belong to a wonderful, supportive and amazing group of creative women.  I would consider myself very lucky to be the sum total of their combined creative power, wisdom and output.  

Some days, it’s good to be average.

Have a creative week!

Borrowing Benefits

If you have practiced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for any length of time, you have surely heard the term, borrowing benefits.

Gary Craig accendently discovered this phenomena in one of his early EFT classes he was conducting.  While he was working with a participant on stage, class members tapped along with him and discovered their own issues where diminished or eliminated too.

This discovery is important because it allows us to benefit from being in a group where EFT is being used, almost like osmosis.  This is why I believe that mastermind groups that use EFT can take its members to greater heights of success and goal acheivement  than mastermind groups and goal setting without using it.