Women in the Visual & Literary Arts Writing Group


Hey WiVLA Writers!  Come join your WiVLA Friends on Tuesday mornings from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. as we get together with our pointy pencils or our clack-ity keyboards to find out what amazing stuff is in our heads.  Sometimes you never know what is whirling around up there until you see it on the page.  This article is a prime example.

Beginning the first week in July continuing through the last week in August, we will meet in the air-conditioned comfort of the SOSA Community Center of Spring Branch at 1414 Wirt Road Houston, TX 77080 to come together to write. 

There will be no lessons or classes and alas, no internet wi-fi.  No one will look over your shoulder or try to copy your work and there will be no head-banging music playing in the background to annoy you.  

We will take breaks!  The community center is a pleasant space that has a refrigerator and microwave we can use.  They will allow food in the room if you want to bring your own snack or your morning coffee.  There are lots of electrical outlets in the room for computers but you might want to bring an extension cord.
Some Possible and Perhaps Dubious Benefits of Joining Us:

1.    Writing is lonely work.  Having a weekly place to go hang out and write with like minded women is priceless.  You will feel more writerly.   Besides, it’s too early to drink.

2.    You will be more disciplined and motivated to honor your writing commitment if you know your WiVLA friends are expecting you and will hunt you down if you are a no-show.

3.    Someone will probably start bringing snacks to share and then there will be talk of having a pot-luck until you are surrounded by food. Then if you can’t think of anything else to write, at least you can use the time to write down recipes.

4.    You will get to know your WiVLA Writer Friends better so you can more consciously avoid them or embrace them.  However, there are some very experienced writers in WiVLA who hopefully will show up so we can watch them squeeze blood out of a turnip just like the rest of us.

5.    Let’s face it; a lot of people don’t “get” writers.  A lot of these people are related to you.  They won’t be there.

6.    I give up.  Think up your own benefits for showing up, like owning that you are a By-God Writer and you write whenever there is an opportunity.  This is a great opportunity.

7.    Did I mention that it’s free?

Come kick a little writing butt.  This offer is only good from July 5th until August 30th.  Your results may vary.

Does Your Creativity Need a Hug?

Dear Reader,

Does your creativity need a hug?  I don’t want to sound pathetic here, but dang it, sometimes my creativity needs a hug.  It’s tough being right-brained in a left-brained world.  This is what I expect of my creativity every day:

“Wake up, Dudette, you’ve got work to do.  You’ve got to sit up at your computer and write interesting stuff.  I’m sorry that we didn’t get to go to the movie like I promised yesterday, but there’s always next weekend.”

“Can we have popcorn, chocolate raisins, a pickle and a large coke, this time?”

“Only if I take out a loan.  Look, we have popcorn at home.  Here, I micro waved it for you.  I even took it out of the bag and put in a nice bowl like you like it.  I’m sorry the coke is flat.  I didn’t get to the grocery store either cause we have this deadline and you better get busy and help me or we’ll never see another movie again.”

“What do you want me to write?”

“I don’t know. You’re the creative one.  You always come up with something.  What’s the big deal?  Cat got your tongue?”

“Let’s play with the kitty.  Here kitty, kitty, kitty.”

"Now Dudette, the kitty isn’t going to help us get this article written.  Put her down.  Now there’s cat hair everywhere.  Look, you made her scratch me.”

“I want to go read my romance novel.”

“Over my dead body.  No way are we going to stoop to that drivel.  I am a real writer.  We don’t read lovey-crummies.”





“What can I read?”

“This article you’re writing for a start.”

“I don’t wanna write.  I wanna play.  You make me work too hard and you aren’t any fun any more.  You’re mean.  I quit!”

Excuse me, Dear Reader, this article probably won’t get finished because my creative Dudette needs a hug.  I have to admit I have been pushing her too hard lately and she isn’t a machine that I can turn on and off like a faucet.  We’re headed out to see a movie.

“Can I have a more popcorn, chocolate raisins, a pickle and a coke that’s not flat?”

“Yes, that and a hug.  Hugs don’t have calories.”

Have you hugged your Creative Dudette today?