You're Finished: NOT

Hi Creative Friends,

A lot of creative people have trouble finishing projects.
  Sometimes creative geniuses like us have great bursts of enthusiasm for the beginning of a project only to lose it later when the thrill is gone. 

There are as many reasons for stopping a project as there are projects.  I have spent a lot of energy beating myself up for what I don’t complete.  I regret the time, money, and supplies that I seem to have wasted and I feel guilty whenever I see a project that has not had a happy ending.  Do you?

Do you hear the words of a punishing authority figure in your head, “You never finish what you start,” as if it is a monumental sin?  I do.  The truth is I do start and finish many creative and mundane projects.  Some, I just do not. 
These feelings of guilt, remorse and self-recrimination generated because of past unfinished projects can be a major stumbling block to actually working on your art in the present.  All that back and forth, “I should be working on that instead,” creates ambivalence and distraction that can eventually block you.
Are you weary of berating yourself because you have tons of UFO’s (Un-Finished-Objects) beckoning to you?  Sometimes I see so many of the threads of unloved projects that I want to avoid my studio all together.  Not good.
So what is the solution?  Try this:
         Creativity Energizer Break:
    * First, forgive yourself and the project for not being perfect.  EFT can help with this

    * Tell that authority figure in your head, “Thanks for sharing,” when you hear admonishment and       derision.  Ignore it altogether if you can. EFT can help with this.

    * And…(Insert drum roll here.)

    * Come to my tele-seminar on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 11:00 AM  CST

Where I will also be sharing with you the ONE thing you can do as soon as you hang up from the call to kick your creativity in the pants.  Taking this one action step can:
    * Free up an incredible amount of energy that you can put to good creative use.

    * Allow immediate relief from guilt.

This process I am going to share with you is simple, obvious, but not necessarily easy.

You can absolutely do it on your own, but if you need assistance, I will have an offer that can help you start and complete this most important and freeing step: an action step that will have you feeling out of this world and will create a new intimacy with your creativity.

In fact, I am calling this my “Feel Out of this World” Tele-seminar. (Even if others think you are from another planet!)
I hope to connect with you on Saturday, September 25 at 11:00.
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