Happy MuesDay 10-20-2015

Me: Hello, is this my muse?

Muse: Who is this?  And how did you get this number?

Me: It’s me, Diana, you know, the artist and lazy part-time blogger.

Muse: You’re going to have to be more specific.  There’s a lot of you.  Have you heard of the Internet?

Me: Sure.  How do you think I got your number?  I’m the one from Energize Your Creativity.

Muse: Oh, it’s you.  What do you want?

Me: Some splendid ideas for starters.  I’m a little short in the idea department. 

Muse: What are you working on?

Me: Oh, I’m in between projects right now.  I’m waiting for inspiration to strike.  Isn’t that where you come in?

Muse: OK, invent something that will help me screen my calls.

Me: That’s already been invented.  It’s called, caller ID.

Muse:  Marvelous, where do I get it? 

Me: If I tell you are you going to block me?

Muse: No, it’s against the Muse Code of Ethics.  Now I really must go.  Taylor Swift just blew through another relationship and is about to pick up a pen.

Me: You’re Taylor Swift’s Muse?  I have the same Muse as Taylor Swift?

Muse: You have the same muse as a lot of people.  Muses have an eternal abundance of ideas, inspiration, and creativity to share with a world of people.  I have a very busy schedule. Why give out great ideas to people who don’t do anything with them?  It’s just more rewarding to deliver inspiration up to someone who is part-way there.  If you don’t show up, then why should I?

Me:  I dunno.  I just know you’re hard to get in touch with sometime.

Muse: Wait until I get that caller ID.

Me:  Hey! A dial tone is not inspirational!

Well you heard it here.  You gotta meet you muse part-way, even if it's just a tiny step.  I guess I better start stepping up.

Cheering You Artfully On,