mixed media

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

Stressed Spelled Backward is Desserts

Stressed Spelled Backward is Desserts

The creative process is stressful, in my humble opinion, as anyone who has ever daily faced a blank page will tell you.  Have you ever been paralyzed to do your art because the cost of replacement materials will be too dear to replace?

In another lifetime, I used to do decorative painting on walls, floors and celings in clients houses who could afford elegant carpets and expensive furniture. These treasures were exposed to my accidental faux pas instead of just my faux finishes.  Luckily I never kicked over a paint bucket or sat on precious furniture with paint on my pants, but it was stressful just the same.

I have read that some stress is good and I tend to agree.  If the urge of playing at my art table never occurs, art never happens.  Thankfully, I feel stressed if I don't have something bubbling in the creative kitchen.

Maybe that's when we receive our just desserts!

I had fun doing this mixed media piece.  I did it a long time ago and it still makes me happy.  It may be when I first discovered how much fun it was to rip up paper and to remember how much fun it was to cut and paste in the real world instead of on the computer.

I sure hope you are having a good week and your stress turns out to be the good tasty kind.