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Post Quilt Show Buzz and Back to the Future

Hi Creative Friends,

Today is Monday and I am back at work on Energize Your Creativity. The quilt show was a wonderful energizer for my creativity, and is the main reason I make it a priority to go every year.

I got to spend quality time with two friends and fellow creative junkies, Jessica and Audrey. My dear Aunt Jeanette came to the quilt show and we met and had a great time looking the place over for a certain fabric to go with a Christmas wall hanging she is making.

As I am writing this, I'd like to tell you a bit about her. I still have designer clothes she made for my Barbie dolls when she had no children of her own and loved to spoil me just because I was her niece and clearly deserving and adorable. She sews beautifully and has only taken up quilting in the past few years. Her garden is wonderful in spite of the deer who regularly risk being blasted by my uncle's gun to nibble at the delicacies she reluctantly provides for them. She is a fabulous cook. She has raised three children who are delightful people and has a gang of grandchildren.

But ask this woman if she is creative and she will tell you "no," with great certainty. I KNOW!

My dear Aunt Jeanette is a classic case of the person I want to serve here. There are creative projects that she may have wanted to do for years but has let that voice in her head tell her that she can't for what ever reason.

Are you hiding your creative light? You can eliminate your blocks to creativity easily and be the whirlwind creator you were put on this earth to be. My goal is to help us all to do that.

In the future, I will be giving online classes to help with just that issue. Oh it's good to be back to the future.

Have a Creative Day
Hugs, Diana Meade