Time Saving Tips

It's About Time

Why do I feel like time is my enemy?  I seem to under estimate how much time some project will take and over estimate my ability to get it done quickly.

When it seems like time is streching out before me and I have allowed myself enough time before a deadline, the project expands to the time allowed.

Creativity takes time.

Contemplating, thinking, wondering is time consuming and I want to rush through this part of the process because it seems like not "doing" is wasting time.

Arrrgh.  This can be some of the most important parts of the creative process and rushing through may not be in my best interest.

Here in no particular order are some time savers when it comes to creative projects.

•    Pick your optimum time:  You can't do brain surgery when you are distracted.  Save the no-brainer projects when you are eeking out some time during commercials of Grey's Anatomy.  Write your novel when you have time to actually think. (It doesn't have to be a week in a cabin in the woods; ten quiet minutes while dinner is cooking could be quality time at your house.)

•    Set priorities:  What is the best use of your time?  If I have a sudden urge to clean my house, I am usually avoiding something that has to do with my art!  How often do you need to sharpen pencils if you write on the computer?  If I have 15 minutes to spend on my art, where will that time investment do the most good?

•    Do the difficult things first: Waiting doesn't make them any easier.  Avoiding the inevitable can waste so much time, and don't you always feel better when you get the hardest task out of the way?

•    Learn to say no. (They won't die.  The world won't end.  You won't be a jerk.  Don't explain.) Allowing others to spend your time for you is the biggest reason most creativity doesn't see the light of day!

•    Learning to delegate is a great time saver too. (Repeat after me: They won't die.  The world won't end.  You won't be a jerk.)  Insisting on doing every thing yourself is another huge reason creativity doesn't see the light of day.

•    Think the job though before acting.  Do you have all your supplies at hand?  Are you prepared to work till completion or will you need to break it down in chunks?  A little planning can be a great time saver.

Leave us your favorite time saving tip ---- if you have the time.