New Year's

Join Me for a Resolution Revolt

Hi Creative Friends,

I have always been lousy at keeping New Year's Resolutions.

I've tried all manner of methods to make them work. I've

  • written them down on index cards, sticky notes, journals, etc.

  • shared them with others so I could be held accountable

  • shamed, bullied and belittled myself

  • bribed myself with rewards

Most of the time my resolutions were about me trying to force myself to do something I didn't want to or wasn't able to do at anytime of the year. Like January of the New Year was suddenly going to make me more productive, organized, energetic, willing, you name it; the turn of the calendar page was going to do the trick.

Alas. Failure by February...if I lasted that long. Then I get to feel worse.Hey, if New Years Resolutions work for you, I say go for it. But I am all for the easy way out and having some more successes.

So, this year I am creating a Resolution Revolt! Let's resolve not to do more revolting things next year. Why not join me?

Let's resolve to do something fun and creative this year, even if it's a little risky or oddball. Let's resolve to do something we might actually do, not something that we have to bully ourselves into doing.

Let's see...

Would I rather resolve to make my bed every day without fail or eat a Hersey's kiss every day until I am sick of them? Oh wouldn't it feel good to pat myself on the back for eating chocolate?

Would I rather resolve to clean out the gutters or sign up for tango lessons? Now here is a show stopper. Tango lessons sound risky, but for God's sake, not boring or dull or yucky like digging wet sticks and leaves out of the gutter on a Saturday afternoon, my day off.

If Tango lessons aren't your passion, find something that is or could be if you would allow yourself and resolve to do that!

What is one thing that if you decided to do it in the upcoming year would make you smile, feel like a kid again, or interest and entice you?

What creative urge, nudge or idea do you have that you've been toying with that won't go away? Expand on that. Resolve to do that.

I am voting for doing something creative that will make me feel good when I do it and want to do it more as my New Year's Resolution.

How about you?

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hi Creative Friends,
It's Christmas!

Finally, halls are decked, presents opened, dinner is finished, antacid working. Ahhh, how do you spell relief?

Thanks to all my peeps and my family for all that you are to me. This year has been a real roller coaster ride for me and my family. The night before Christmas Eve, a tornado hit my hometown.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but a lot of people had a very different Christmas than they intended. Two of my cousins are not going to be styling hair for a while because there is a hole in the roof of the beauty shop where they work.

I wish my sweet cousins and all the other folks who were affected will be back in the groove in absolute record time.

To all of you, I wish you the happiest of New Year's.