Creativity test

Creativity Test in honor of International Creativity Month

Hello Creative Friends,   This a video that I was supposed to post on Youtube when I have some other videos made so the last little bit won't make any sense until I redo my sign up-page.  I think it's still worth watching, so just ignore that part.  More is yet to come.  Thanks for watching.  DM

I hope you celebrate National Creativity Month by honoring and adoring your own creativity and that of others.  If you don’t feel particularly creative, go find someone who is doing something creative and hang out with them.  Take a creative genius to lunch and talk process with them.  Gush over their work.

Check out biographies of famous creative geniuses and learn more about the people who produced the art that inspires you.   Spend the afternoon in a bookstore or library and bring home stacks of books that are not about the kind of art that you do.  I am always amazed that the library lets me have so many books on so many topics at one time.

Creativity is in our DNA and the essence of the world around us.  I believe that when you pay attention to your creativity, your creativity will pay attention to you.  If you treat it like an honored guest, it will respond in kind.

My other idea for honoring my creativity this month is to give it a rest.  I have been bearing down on mine, making demands and expectations.  Every workhorse needs a rest.  Let your creativity out of the yoke of production and let it ride for the joy and fun of it.

Leave a comment and tell me how you made out on the test.   Hugs, Diana